Tuesday, November 29, 2011


 Top from Liberte, Rough Rider jeans, Wedge from Parisian,, Bag from Oltre.
Forever21 necklace, earrings and bracelet, Fringe necklace; own, Esprit watch, Rayban from Rayban
I LOVE animal prints. It's a closet must-have for every stylish woman out there and it never goes off season. I was ecstatic when I saw this top at the rack and immediately, with no second thought,  grabbed it from the hanger and didn't let it go until I was sure that I paid for it and finally be mine! MINE!  Haha! (addict much). 


This pair of wedge sandals from Parisian is to die for. I love the metal accent at the back which makes it look like a heels in someways. ^o^ plus the fact that its height is 5inches, it's an instant height enhancer for a petite gal like me. Yey!

I wore this outfit (minus the wedge, I opted to wear one of my trusty flats) when I went to watch my boyfriend play basketball against the School of Medicine. Congratulations College of Nursing for winning the game! :)

Monday, November 28, 2011


This afternoon, while in the bed lying down comfortably in a supine position  after reading two chapters of Camilla Morton's 'How to Walk in High Heels', I found myself staring blankly at the ceiling of my room. My mind was in a hyperactive state but on the contrary, my body was too lazy to move.  I opted to do something productive to ease the hyper activeness that's been going on and turned to look at my working area hoping to find something to work on. As I cast an eye over my chaotic working table, I right away saw my bloody-colored sketch pad sitting at the top of the not-so-neatly-piled Preview magazines. I felt my hands tingling and instantly, I knew what I wanted to do. ;) 

Tenen!  'The Bloody Red gown'.

What do you think? :D I still wanted to design another gown but I was already sleepy. >.< 

I designed the gown for my cousin's upcoming debut this December. I'm excited to see  how  it will  turn out. Woot! 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

D.IY Fringe Necklace!

Accessories are girls ultimate best friend. It can transform any simple outfit into anything but FABULOUS and CHIC. It's one of the secrets on how to become a scene stealer. ;) The more you pile on accessories, the quicker you get the attention. But warning though, don't get to frenzied in using all your accessories all at once, you're not a Christmas tree. Choose a point of focus and accessorize around this. One day, it could be your neck area, next your wrist and so on.

ANYWAY. The reason why I'm talking about accessories is becooooz.. *drum roll please.. I made one for myself!  :D I have noticed that fringes where popular last season and up until now. Several online shops were already selling ready-to-wear fringe necklaces and earrings that costs around three hundred pesos and up, and not to mention the additional shipping fee to the total costs. So instead of begging my parents for money or splurging on my savings account, being the resourceful person that I am, I rummaged on my pile of arts craft to look for goodies that I could use. And I found this!

My box of goodies! ^.^ 

To my excitement, I immediately started to create my  fringe necklace. It took me an hour and a half to finish it. The result: 

Viola! My very own personalized fringe necklace!
I chose black tassle since it can go with any outfit. You can never go wrong with black. ;)

Here's how it looks when worn. 

Sooooooo? What do you think?? :) I'm really happy on how it turned out. It's uh-maziiing! This should be one of my closet staples! Agree? :) I bet mom would be happy if she knew that I didn't spend a dime for this. Hoho!

I'm looking forward for my next D.I.M  project. Hmmm. What could it be? Well, till my next post!

Ciao! <3

Saturday, November 26, 2011


November 25, 2011

I was comfortably sitting at my brother's executive chair and busy browsing through the internet when I heard an eerie sound coming from my right where I sat. It was some sort of soft breathe and/or a whisper that seemed to have carried by the wind that came from outside of my glass window above my bed. I was petrified upon hearing this seemingly creepy sound (*which I did not find normal or natural at all) especially knowing that my windows were shut closed and I was the only person in the room, plus the fact that I’m a hundred percent sure that it wasn’t just the sound of my humming AC. “Sh*t! What the hell was that??“, the words that I automatically uttered. WHO COULD IT BE? O.o

I started to search for the source of the creepy sound beginning from my left side. Ideally, I should have instantly scanned the room starting from the right since the origin of the sound was heard at that point, right? but I was too scared that I might see something that would not make me sleep later on, just like in cinemas. You know what I mean. >.<

So, when I was already convinced that the left corner of my room was cleared from who-knows-what being/creatures or whatever, my eyes slowly rolled heading to the right corner of the room, and then...... I heard another sound! The same creepy sound from the first one. I was already tachycardic by this time. *lub-dub.lub-dub.lub-dub times 100. I had two options, either I run outside the room and call my yaya or pretend to be brave and solve this mystery ala Wilma of SCOOBY DOO. HAHA! Guess what, I chose to be brave. It was in my room after all. If I never get to solve the case, how will I ever going to sleep in my bed at peace? got the point? I’m sure you’ll do the same thing. :D 

Moving on, I was sure by this time that the sound was somewhere near my bed. I approached my double-sized bed in tip toes with no plans of what to do next. As I got nearer and nearer I saw my blanket moved. My bed was undone, pillows weren’t neatly piled and were everywhere and my blanket was unruly, crumpled and not folded. I grabbed one of the ends of my blanket and lifted it. Too my surprised, I saw this.

Hello Cyber. You scared the life out of me! You meanie!!

He was sleeping under the sheets of my blanket the whole time and I was completely clueless that he was in there. It was he who made those eerie sound that I have heard all along. He might have had difficulty breathing under my thick blanket hence the continuous eerie sound that turned out to be a loud sigh. HAHAHAHA! Andu Cyber. Also, I was not aware that my yaya let him get inside my room. Hai! KALOKA KA TE! 
It was such a relieve to know that I don’t have roommates from the other world. LOL. Cyber made my day. :)
And so I declare this mystery as CASE CLOSED. :)


Isn’t she the cutest thing??? :3 I can’t stop smiling while looking at this picture. I want to grab her out from the screen and cuddle her to death!!! Geeeeeeez! She’s so cute, I wanna die! :D HAHAHAHAHA! I wish I can buy something like this in a department store. LOL. That Dora hair style, cute “singkit” eyes, porcelain skin, infectious smile, plus the fact that she fits into a shopping bag just makes me want to scream and have her this instant! :D Aaaah. She’s like a Chinese doll. :3 BABY, BE MINE!


Sometime in October:
My cousin Hazel told me that she was scheduled to have her pre-debut shoot on the 4th of November. She asked me if I would like to accompany her during the shoot, and of course, I immediately said yes. Well, even though she did not ask me if I would like to come, I would still volunteer myself to tag along since I am already bored to death doing nothing at home. :D

November 3, 2011. A day prior to the shoot.
I helped my cousin prepare for the shoot the next day. We went around town and scouted out different boutiques where she could borrow a classy gown in addition of her two other gowns. After that, we proceeded to have her hair and make up rehearsal done at the W Salon. I sat there for almost 2hrs browsing through OK magazines, playing ‘bunny shooter‘ in my phone and eavesdropping on the conversation of two employees. All these just to ease the boredom and yeah, I eventually felt my butt getting numb. I was told that the call time is 10am.

November 4, 2011. Photo shoot.
I checked the clock and it’s already a quarter to 10 and I was still fixing my unruly hair. Another bad hair day! :| I came to the shooting place 30mins late. Good thing Joy waited for me to help her dress up. Along with us is Sir Henry, the official photographer for the shoot. My tasks were simply to assist Joy in styling and dressing her up but since I am an opportunistic person (in a good way) I brought along with me my SLR cam knowing that this would be my chance to test if I have that skill like of photographers. HAHA! Then, the shooting begins…..

 (These are stolen pictures shot by Mr. Henry himself HAHA! Meanie!)

We went to three different locations. The 1st shoot was held at the Museum. 2nd was in a Golf club. 3rd was somewhere in Pasonanca. It was a fun shoot despite the scorching heat of the sun. I shot every possible angle that I could get even if it means rolling, sitting, laying, bending on the ground, rock and the wall. :D Photographers should be flexible, right? and I’m just being one!:wink: I was proud of the outcome of my photos. I felt like I deserved a pat on the back for a job well done. *pat. pat. pat

Three locations. 739 photos. Happy with the outcomes. A new-found skill. Mom even told me that my shots were good. Way too good for a noob. *Hooray!

Ok. Ok. I heard you. Here’s a sneak peek of some photos during the shoot.

So, what can you say? Is it good? Is it good? :D I was a wannabe photographer for a day and I’m glad my cousin loves the photos.

Thanks Joy! Iyo ya gad diba? Iyo ya el all around! LOL.


Hello there! I come in peace. :wink:

Call me Mae.I enjoy writing. I write down every random stuff that pops up in my fanatical-hyperactive mind every now and then, and I have been doing this for 13 years now. The only thing that made it different was that I’ve been writing it in my journal or diary notebook as what I called it in grade school. I know you’re very much familiar with this ’diary notebook‘ I’m saying, it was the cutest and coolest stuff for girls back then! It comes with a tiny lock and a key for privacy’s sake and/or to keep your siblings and parents away from sneaking a peek into it or worst reading your entire entry! :shock:

Anyway, I already lost track of their number and whereabouts, though I’m pretty sure and can still remember that I burned one of those journals of memories due to an overwhelming emotion, I-can’t-believed-i-wrote-this! and OhMy!-It’s-too-embarrassing-to-remember! entries. HAHA!

Going back. YES! I finally decided to go on blogging for a change. Like, c’mon! Almost everything now is through the internet and online so why not dive in and enjoy the fun and benefits of the cyber world, right? I would be posting random stuffs here, purely R.A.N.D.O.M.. I’m also hoping to meet new friends. Don’t worry, I may be shy, but I’m friendly. :D

So, yeah, here’s to my very first blog entry. I hope I won’t be lazy about this blogging thing. That’s it for now. Ciao!