Saturday, November 26, 2011


November 25, 2011

I was comfortably sitting at my brother's executive chair and busy browsing through the internet when I heard an eerie sound coming from my right where I sat. It was some sort of soft breathe and/or a whisper that seemed to have carried by the wind that came from outside of my glass window above my bed. I was petrified upon hearing this seemingly creepy sound (*which I did not find normal or natural at all) especially knowing that my windows were shut closed and I was the only person in the room, plus the fact that I’m a hundred percent sure that it wasn’t just the sound of my humming AC. “Sh*t! What the hell was that??“, the words that I automatically uttered. WHO COULD IT BE? O.o

I started to search for the source of the creepy sound beginning from my left side. Ideally, I should have instantly scanned the room starting from the right since the origin of the sound was heard at that point, right? but I was too scared that I might see something that would not make me sleep later on, just like in cinemas. You know what I mean. >.<

So, when I was already convinced that the left corner of my room was cleared from who-knows-what being/creatures or whatever, my eyes slowly rolled heading to the right corner of the room, and then...... I heard another sound! The same creepy sound from the first one. I was already tachycardic by this time. *lub-dub.lub-dub.lub-dub times 100. I had two options, either I run outside the room and call my yaya or pretend to be brave and solve this mystery ala Wilma of SCOOBY DOO. HAHA! Guess what, I chose to be brave. It was in my room after all. If I never get to solve the case, how will I ever going to sleep in my bed at peace? got the point? I’m sure you’ll do the same thing. :D 

Moving on, I was sure by this time that the sound was somewhere near my bed. I approached my double-sized bed in tip toes with no plans of what to do next. As I got nearer and nearer I saw my blanket moved. My bed was undone, pillows weren’t neatly piled and were everywhere and my blanket was unruly, crumpled and not folded. I grabbed one of the ends of my blanket and lifted it. Too my surprised, I saw this.

Hello Cyber. You scared the life out of me! You meanie!!

He was sleeping under the sheets of my blanket the whole time and I was completely clueless that he was in there. It was he who made those eerie sound that I have heard all along. He might have had difficulty breathing under my thick blanket hence the continuous eerie sound that turned out to be a loud sigh. HAHAHAHA! Andu Cyber. Also, I was not aware that my yaya let him get inside my room. Hai! KALOKA KA TE! 
It was such a relieve to know that I don’t have roommates from the other world. LOL. Cyber made my day. :)
And so I declare this mystery as CASE CLOSED. :)

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