Monday, December 12, 2011


Admit it ladies, wearing RED lipstick is HOT and SEXY. The only downside is, every lipstick comes off when drinking, eating and/or kissing? :D Kiss-proof lipstick is yet to be patented, despite the claims of certain brand, so, how to apply that red lipstick ala Anne Curtis and get it stay? Hmmmmm.

Here are some easy tips that I got  from Camilla Morton's book "How to Walk in High Heels" and Mr. World Wide Web.

  • Always keep lips well moisturized and conditioned; a lip balm should always be near to hand or lurking in a handbag.

EOS lipbalm
Putting on lipstick on a pair of dry lips might not be the best idea as it will show the wrinkles of your lips even more. Bright colours will make them even more obvious and you do not want that to happen. Before applying your make up, apply a small amount of lip moisturiser to your lips, this will help with keeping your lips supple and smooth and will let the lipstick glide on easily.

  • For extra durability apply lipstick with a lip brush.
Lip brushes allow you to use less lipstick but it also can be used to soften the line of your lip liner. With the brush, you can blend it right into the lipstick so that it is not visible. 

  •  First line and rim lips with a matching colour lip pencil.
Lip liners help define your lips to achieve that kissable lip or a perfect pout. Lip liners also help your lipstick stay where it belongs, rather than feathering out or fading away. By learning to choose the perfect shade and apply it correctly, you will create a polished look.

  • Apply colour first to bottom then to the top lip.  
  •  Rub your lips together to ensure even colour stain. 
  • Blot with tissue. 

  • Softly kiss back of hand, and if it's still leaving a deep crimson stain, blot again, this time more firmly. You want the lips to be red, but you want it firmly in place so it is not on your teeth.  
  • Always check teeth, and run your tongue or finger over them to wipe any lipstick away. ;)

There you go ladies! I hope these few tips can help you achieve that long lasting lipstick you've been desiring for the longest time now (like me!). :D  Also, don't forget to always bring with you or lurking in your handbag the shade of lipstick you're wearing in case you really need to reapply it.*wink.

You can also apply these tips with other lip colour. 

Photos from Mr. Google. :D 
Ciao! <3

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