Thursday, December 8, 2011


Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, and as much as we'd all like to have 'the perfect A1 figure' that the magazines showcase, we don't. It's called individual character. We all have different features to work with. Know your body shape, or atleast have an honest idea of what it is like.

The most important thing is to be honest, as once you know your strengths and any weakness, you can know what to hide and what to flaunt.

If you have:

A tiny waist
 Choose low slung skirts/pants. Knot shirts at waist. Cropped tops are not just for Britney but they are for moments of extreme confidence. 

Ample Cleavage 
Wear necklaces to draw the eye down. Open-necked shirts.

Enhanced Cleavage
Pick V-neck jumpers, or again dangling necklace that draw the eye down. Padded uplift bras are a given. 

Broad shoulders
Go easy on the shoulder pads, favour cardigans and the soft open tops or structured tailoring.

Chunky thighs
Wear loose palazzo pants. Flowing skirts. 

Chicken Arm 
Cover shoulders, wear shawls. 

Long legs
Lucky you. Wear minis- why hide them? 

A Shapely Derriere
You need to show it off. Pencil skirts!

Big Tummy 
Wear baggy shirts over trousers, empire-line dresses, suit jackets and nothing to fitted at the waist. 

Big Hips
Again, you can conceal with loose bagy tops, flowing feminine skirts and highlighting another area.

Oversize Proportions
Remember that big is beautiful. To streamline and slenderise, head-to-toe black works. Take a look of Queen Latifah. 

Isn't she hot? :) 

 It is a fact that no one will ever look good in: 
  • Horizontal stripes (makes you look wider)
  • White tights (unless you're a ballerina)
  • Blue lipstick :D
All pictures are from Mr. Google
Thanks Mr. Google! HAHAH!

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