Saturday, June 2, 2012


Guess who's back! ^____^ 

Yes! After which seems a year of blogless life for me, I am now finally back to blogging.  The past few months were a bit too crazy for me hence the lengthy hiatus. Nevertheless, i am so excited to be back! :D 


Yesterday, Czar of Mixed Culture and I had a little fun at our roof top. And by fun I mean, either we do artsy stuffs or talking random stuffs about fashion, checking out Lookbook, scrutinizing magazine editorials, doing the overrated "photo shoot" or simply doing things that we share alike. Haha! Czar is almost like my twin and it has been a while since we last bonded and yesterday was certainly a compensation for all the time missed. Could you guess what we ended up doing?

Photo shoot.
-the thing that we are good at. LOL

We were like kids high on weeds, rolling on the floor just to get "the" angle and laughing like a hyena while taking these shots. 
It was so much fun!

Isn't it obvious? Ang saya ko lang eh. HAHA!

I've always wanted to have this kind of look. High waisted shorts plus a British flag tank top.
ANTM British Invasion ang peg eh! HAHA! 
Although I was hoping that I was wearing a Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes in Black. :( 
More photos on my FB page. LOL


//Tank top: Market-market//
//High waisted shorts: Thrifted/
//Parisian Wedge//
//Cyber Aviator//

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